Paper Tiger

Saturday, February 20, 2010 IPad Giveaway! is giving away a iPad and I deserve to win it. I deserve to win it because I love technology, especially new technology but unfortunately my budget doesn't allow me to get everything my heart desires! My middle, son, Henry is 12, and loves new technology as much as me. It's hard to be the middle child (I know, as my twin and I were the middle children in our family!). When you are the middle child, you sometimes don't feel special or unique as you don't get the privledges as the oldest child, or the 'coddling' the baby of the family gets.
I deserve to win the iPad not only because I want it immensely, but because it will provide another oppurtunity for Henry and I to connect on that personal level! We would fawn over this peice of tech candy, play the wonderful Gamehouse games, and have a great time.
Thank you for being generous and having this wonderful giveaway!

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