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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Modern Furniture

Today's post is going be about furniture. Now, I don't know a lot about furniture design and style. I only know what I like. Today while browsing online, I found a great furniture store. It's called and they are  based out of Miami, FL.
I was browsing their site because my family needs a kitchen table. Our last one actually fell apart, and since then, we have been using a borrowed table from my sister. 
I know what I like. I want a wood table, extremely sturdy and simple. I also like my table's to be a few inches higher than normal, as I don't like leaning down when I'm eating or working on my laptop. And most of all, I want my future dining room table to be square or rectangle. I don't like round tables, they seem to waste space to me.
At, I think I found the perfect table. It is the Napoli Modern Dining Room table. Dark wood, square, and beautiful!
If you are in the market for modern furniture, be sure to check out They have some truly beautiful furniture!

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